With an extensive background in graphic illustration, Robert (Bob)Dennis is able to create a variety of original Trompe L'Oeil images, including individual paintings as well as interior and exterior murals.

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              Mural above wet bar
Bob was involved in the business of art and graphic design for many years in the Maryland-Virginia-DC area, and re-located to the Hickory, NC area in 2008. He is currently president and co-founder of the TradeAlleyArt gallery in Hickory and co-founder of the UniFourArts Association and serves on the board.

He has done bio-medical and botanical illustrations, created life-like carvings of birds and waterfowl, as well as portraits and murals. His current focus is on Trompe L'Oeil painting and other works customized to provide focal points and to enhance specific locations and decors. After initial consultations, murals are painted on site.

He has presented "Trompe L'Oeil -- The Art of Illusion" on multiple occasions, including at  Hickory Museum of Art, and offered workshops on that topic.  In 2015, he completed a 23-foot mural in the Oakwood School :  "Seaquarium"

His current project is a series of scenes and landscapes in the area of his second home in the south of France.

                                                                      Robert W. Dennis
              Trompe L'Oeil Artist and Muralist

   Cell phone: 301-514-8382      Phone: 828-330-0015     E-mail:  dennisassocs@yahoo.com
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